Ambasada Danemarcei la Bucuresti transmite regulat informatii despre Romania. De spre agricultura, societate civila, politia, economie. Acesta e ultimul raport al ambasadei cu privire la coruptia din Romania. Poate e adevarat, poate nu dar un lucru este cert. Ceva adevar e. In ce procent e doar cei de acolo care monitorizeaza pot spune .

Romania is in Tarnsparency International latest report with a score of 3.7 located at the unflattering 1st place among corrupt countries in the EU / Western Europe and globally, Romania ranked in line with countries like Colombia, China and Ghana. Corruption, in particular in light of continued low wage levels, rife on both lowest level in the public system.

Transparency International’s report on. Romania can be downloaded right of the page. In addition, there may be additional information on and Transparency International’s main page

Romania pledged by joining the European Union to make an extra effort on. corruption. Special investigative units and departments in the prosecution is established, and ever more cases are pending. But it lags behind continued to lead the cases to trial and, more specifically, the cases against corruption suspects high-level slow. A law establishing a special unit to combat corruption among politicians (ANI) is adopted, but the device is still not operational. However, there are just given the green light for the prosecution view prosecution of former 7. and current ministers.

Corruption can be a serious obstacle to trade and costing Danish businesses orders in foreign markets. At the same time, attention and the requirements for Danish companies in this sector rose sharply in those years. And that’s why the embassy advice and simple tools to avoid corruption and reduce risks associated with investing in countries which are characterized by high corruption. Experience shows that knowledge and systematic risk management can prevent many of the claims of corruption, which Danish companies are exposed. The embassy may include, help with the following tasks related to anti-corruption:

* Country specific information about corruption, including information on vulnerable markets, sectors and regions
* Hedging in the light of its current and potential market
* Help for the identification and initial screening of agents, consultants and distributors
* Access to the network of local organizations working on corruption issues
* Information about relevant national and international legislation on anti-corruption area.
* Assistance in relation to public authorities

You can read more about how companies can avoid corruption at the Foreign Ministry’s anti-corruption portal

You can read the Justice Ministry’s guidance on corruption in

Denmark’s Export Council has an internal anti-corruption policy that sets out clear guidelines on how all employees in the Danish Trade to deal with corruption and bribery. The internal policy is based on a „zero-tolerance principle” against corruption and bribery.

All employees of the Danish Trade and the representations abroad in Copenhagen which is subject to a notification requirement if they are aware of specific cases of Danish companies’ use of bribery. Similarly, by knowing that DE-staff, including local officials, giving or receiving bribes. Notification is made to the Foreign Ministry in Copenhagen to decide on any. informing the Danish or foreign authorities, including any police notification. This is true regardless of whether the relationship is committed in Denmark or abroad, and regardless of how the information has come in Denmark’s Export Council possession.
Danish companies are invited to contact the embassy if it had run into problems in this area.

Astia chiar isi fac treaba si dau sfaturi gratuite si pertinente. Si pe linga asta mai sint si publice . Oare cind va reusi ambasada Romaniei in Danemarca sa dea sfaturi gratuite si publice, nu stiu dar am sa va istorisesc ceva ulterior despre una din experientele mele la AMBASADA ROMANIEI din…….



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