Illegal GPS in Denmark

Mio is ready with new equipment that can show the way and show TV programs. The final is in violation of Danish law.
By Allan Graubæk
New GPS device from Mio can both show the way and show TV programs. The latter can be illegal.
Look at your television GPS. Smart and practical, but it can also be illegal – in Denmark.

Therefore, users of the new Mio C728 have problems if they take advantage of all opportunities appliance. It has a syvtommers screen, and can receive both television and radio, and television programs can be viewed by the driver while driving.

It is contrary to a few paragraphs of a ‘Retail guards for Vehicles’, prepared by the Road Traffic Authority.

Outside the driver’s sight
In Section 6.07.001 is following on television placement in the car:

‘Must be located so that the driver can not see the screen while driving or connected so that it can not be switched on when the engine is started.

In this area, the Danish legislation tougher than most other European countries. Therefore, GPS devices with television sold without problems in other countries. In the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, there is only praise for the new TV-GPS.

Mio is not the first GPS company, which in this way is on the verge of Danish law. VDO Dayton has previously sold such a device, and Blaupunkt is also under way with a.

Otherwise, it appears that the new million-unit appear to have many good features, but price is also quite high: 3,999 dollars.


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