Danish Tax Reform- en

Am preferat sa-l copiez in engleza decit sa-mi pierd timpul cu traducerea lui. Asa ca daca intelege-ti bine , daca nu asteptati de la skat informarile ulterioare. Vor fi chiar in lb. romana. Cind vor apare vi le voi publica. Pina atunci asta e doar partea buna a lucrurilor. Partea rea e ca se vor inmultii taxele iar cel care va avea mai multi bani la alb va cistiga pina la 2000 de euro pe an. Calculele sint anuale. Energia, tigarile, surplusul de apa menajera , ciocolata etc se vor scumpi. 🙂 :D. In fine pentru cel care cistiga putin nu va fi cine stie ce mare cistig. Oricum sistemul functioneaza pentru cei cu bani peste tot. Dar sa traiesc eu pina in 2019 si o sa mai vad.

A high wage couple with an income of 900,000 dkk and a big interest saving almost 15,000 dkk in taxes when tax reform is fully implemented in 2019. skat

Conversely given a pensioner couple with a household income of 206,000 dkk and a small interest only 1,264 dkk out of tax reform for years.

The calculations show that the audit firm Ernst & Young has conducted the Politiken.dk.

Good for single
Ernst & Young since the government presented its proposal for a tax at 11 today, had the great calculator promotion and have calculated the impact of five model families.

It shows that a single in their own homes with an income of 450,000 dkk and interest payments of 60,000 dkk get 10,529 dollars more for consumption tax reform.

A young couple with no children in rented accommodation with a household income of 600,000 dkk and a few interest payments will have 4246 dkk in the proposal.

Finally, calculations show that a family of four living in their own homes with an income of 600,000 and interest on 105,000 runs 3704 dkk cheaper in taxes in 2019.

Green taxes rising
Ernst & Young has taken account of the increased green taxes in the calculations. Property value is not included because it does not change as a result of tax reform.

Gains of tax will increase in 2010, when the reform is under-funded in the first few years.

This means that reductions in income tax that passed earlier than degradation, inter alia, the deductibility of interest expenses, transportation and professional fee.

Ernst & Young is working right now to make a tax calculation to finish Politiken.dk so you can go in and calculate your exact tax. It comes at Politiken.dk during the afternoon.

Rain even out your tax
Until then, you can visit the Tax Office website where there is a little complicated to calculate.

See what you pay in taxes in 2010 here.

With skatteberegneren you can expect your tax rate – in other words if you know all your personal ratio as income, deductions, your boligs public assessment, interest and capital.

Once you have completed the form with the right information, you can click your way to your taxes in 2010, 2011 and up until the tax reform is fully implemented in 2019


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