Somebody is watching you.

Spy firms in growth
Danish companies serving one million to provide intelligence services with technical equipment, so that citizens can be monitored
29. September 2009
Danish companies are at the forefront when it comes to providing technical surveillance and interception equipment for intelligence agencies around the world.
The Danish firm Covidence specializes in producing tiny cameras that are exported to the military and intelligence services in the U.S. and Europe.
– We are a company in rapid growth. We provide small cameras, which ensures high quality recordings. Furthermore, we constantly develop our products. Nevertheless, effective our products are, the harder it is to discover that you are being watched. This is something the intelligence services are very interested in, „says Jimmi Hansen, director of Covidence for laborer.
He elaborates:
– We export only to Danish allies. We do not assess our customers. If they adhere to their national legislation, we will act not judges of how and under what circumstances an intelligence using our equipment.
Besides Covidence there are three other monitoring companies in Denmark: ETI A / S from Nørresundby specializes in monitoring and analysis of telephone and Internet communications. Systematic provides analysis based on monitoring data, while SPECTRONICS from Grenaa manufactures advanced surveillance and listening devices. According SPECTRONICS annual report of the company’s profit rose 23 million to 33 million kroner in 2007. In just one year has SPECTRONICS doubled staff numbers to 125th.


Interesant articolul din Arbejderen. Am auzit ca in Romania vor sa puna in scoli. Cind se duc elevii sa fumeze in baie. Dar ce mai pot sa faca in afara sa fumeze? Sa puna o bomba sau sa dezvolte o societate secreta de terorism cu interese in subminarea statului 🙂 Macar la astia se spune pe bune.


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