Demonstrations in Copenhagen

Cronologia evenimentelor e de jos in sus.Pentru a vedea live urmariti linkul Ekstra Bladet live coverage

by Rune Eltard Sørensen og Ole Wugge Christiansen/Monsun

Kl. 12. 29
Demonstrators trying to run around the Forum. There are about 200 demonstrators. They face helmet-clad officers in the side street to Rosenørns Anyone who tries to stop them.

It fails to get through the police cordon, as demonstrators have again poured out on Rosenørns All. They move towards Jagtvej. Who shout slogans international.

There are now eight Dutchman wagons between the demonstrators.

Kl. 12:16
The police have managed to push the protesters away from the entrance to the Forum. The activists have instead taken up at Rosenørns All so they block traffic. The mood among those described by counterforce broadcast as good as it has managed to reach Forums – despite police efforts.

There is sammenstimlen of curious to rally, including young people from the technical school in Julius Thomsen Street.

All the streets around the Forum is now blocked – but the police keep his distance.

Kl. 12:03
The demonstrators at the Forum will be pushed off the streets so they do not block the street, of policemen.

Other demonstrators traveled from Aaboulevarden so the group now has about 150 in total. It caused jubilation as the new activists came to – and people immediately rushed into the street again.

Although there is much police’m not appear to have control of the situation. There is håndgemænd between demonstrators and police when protesters trying to reach the entrance.

The police have now begun using truncheons against demonstrators passing from the entrance

Kl. 11:54
There are about 50 protesters who have come to the Forum, where they block the way and make noise with drums and flutes. There are countless group coaches – both Danish and German.

Other groups of protesters are nothing until the Forum but are at Nørrebro. On Aaboulevarden several protesters – some must have come from the Forum, where they say the police started arresting people.

Kl. 11:45
Counterforce released now estimates the number at demonstrators who have come away from Axeltorv to 100th They are now at HC Andersens Boulevard in the direction of Nørrebro / Frederiksberg. The goal is possibly Forum in Frederiksberg.

There are plenty of Dutchman vehicles traveling around, but they do not yet appear to be based body to be able to stop the demonstrators.

JPEG - 47.9 kb
Several hundred people are supporting the ‘Do not bye The Lie’ demonstration on Friday the 11th December. Photo: Peter Kristensen.

Kl. 11:41
There are still about 50 demonstrators ‘trapped’ around Axeltorv.

About 50 others have slipped through the police cordon and now runs down Vester Farimagsgade towards Nørrebro.

Police have been following them and trying to capture them.

Kl. 11:38
The march was stopped at Axeltorv. But the police cordon was so thinly staffed that many could pass, while others have been stopped.

There seems to be confusion among police officers. There are now amplified.

Kl. 11:29 The march moves down now prevented Jernbanegade – against Axeltorv and West Gate. There are about 100 demonstrators back in the demonstration.

Police have announced that around 35 people were detained around the city – in small groups of 2-5 people.

Kl. 11:24
Traffic Blockade-demonstrators were surrounded by six police block cars. This has led some protesters to seep from the blockade – but there are still about 100-150 people left in the blockade.

Kl. 11:16
The demonstrators arrested up at HC Andersens Boulevard off Railway Street. The blocking of such traffic. There are more police on the road.

JPEG - 35 kb
‘Do not buy the lie’ project has evolved into a noisy demonstration, which moves around in the streets of Copenhagen. Photo: Peter Kristensen.

Kl. 11:10
Demonstrators have been moving forward with the forward police chain – not violently, but forward. This has led the police cordon to rally – and rally are now moving out on the square.

Kl. 11:02
„Our climate – Not Your Business,” reads the standard fare cry from up to 300 climate activists who are in Vestergade near City Hall Square. Police have through megaphones indicated that there is masking prohibition in Denmark and that it is illegal not to comply with police orders.

Kl. 10:53
The demonstration is surrounded by police. Forrest at the mouth at the Town Hall Square, there are three carriages, plus a group of dogs, cars – and in addition also a chain of messengers. Furthermore, there officers along the sides of the demonstration – and down behind the demonstration is flashing the blue from pollitvognene.

There is nothing said in megaphone, but it is impossible to hear due to the noise of drums and flutes. It is uncertain whether the police or protesters who try to say something. The demonstration is still quiet.

Kl. 10:51
Vestergade is filled with demonstrators. The demonstration is quiet when the police have chosen to block the street – presumably to prevent people from coming up on the square.

Counterforce broadcast also said that small groups of demonstrators have broken out and begun to spread in the area.

JPEG - 34.8 kb
Police and protesters have tried each other throughout the day and there were 35 arrested even before noon. Photo: Peter Kristensen.

Kl. 10:44
Demonstrative partition has started to move. There are about 200-300 participants. There drums of the anterior part of the demonstration. The march moves along Vestergade at Town Hall.

Kl. 10:41
There is confusion among demonstrators and activists at Nytorv and Gammel Torv. Who reported no sensible from the organizers about what should happen.

Kl. 10:37
The police are heavily present at the Climate Justice Actions on premises Hagnhildgade in Østerbro. These include driving buses to address forest and all suspected activists searched.

Kl. 10:33
A half hour after the rally was to be started is about 200 activists gathered around the fountain at Gammel Torv. They propose, on the drum and the noise of the press gathered around him.

None activists or protesters say something or have the colored armband on that would divide the participants into action concepts. Foreign activists with flyers that have announced the demo, looks wonderingly around.

– It looks quite strange, and the action looks like a failure – if not the activists have begun to operations elsewhere, said counterforce broadcast.

There are now about ten visible group of coaches in the area.

JPEG - 21.6 kb
Organizers of the demonstration days have fed people to actions against a number of international companies in which they describe as ‘climate criminals’, with primary responsibility for the emissions of the world’s CO2. Photo: Peter Kristensen.

Kl. 10:28
It is now up to 200 people at Nytorv. Presseopbuddet is enormous. The police are also massively present and people are checked up and frisked in the side streets. According counterforce are three sources of foreign first-people have been arrested in Christianshavn.

Kl. 10:22
Today’s action is the Top News in the Danish media. And the journalists apparently expecting a vigorous days. A selection of today’s headlines reads for example: ‘Activists will devastate companies’ (DR),’ Today, Copenhagen end up as a battleground „(BT), ‘Beware of them with orange bracelet’ (The Times) and” 7 – Eleven ready to riot „(Ekstra Bladet). The latter medium, and DR Update also has live TV coverage from ‘Do not bye The Lie’ action on their website.

Ekstra Bladet live coverage

DR’s live coverage

Kl. 10:03
Demonstrators are to gather at Nytorv in central Copenhagen. There are further into the not very many – less than 100 vurererer counterforce broadcast. In turn, the massive media presence.

The demonstrators to attend the first confrontational, civil disobedience action during COP15. A demonstration under the slogan ‘Do not bye their lie’, actions against private companies lobbying against effective solutions to climate and environmental crisis. The action has been announced to go from Nytorv pm. 10 sharp, but it is hardly the case.

A closely patrolled by police in the streets of Copenhagen and a police helicopter in the air. But on Nytorv, there is only a single blue Volkswagen with police officers – mind you served in dialogue jackets, uniforms do not match. Some officers also patrol with camouflage-clad people, probably from the Home Guard, probably with the main aim to protect shops, hotels and shops.

Behind the rally from the stands Nytorv Network Our Climate – Not Your Business, which has previously announced that the purpose is not so much a street demonstration as an action against the selected firms, which we will try to interfere.

The demonstration will be divided into several colored blocks with different features – intrusion, noise and street blockades.

JPEG - 40.7 kb
Our Climate – Not Your Business’s past actions against climate change. Here at Bella Center, 24 May 2009. Photo: Morten Rode.

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