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Nagieb Khaja has over the last seven years traveling around in large parts of southern Afghanistan, including in Helmand province, where Danish forces are deployed. And he can not recognize the image that the Danish military, and the Danish media accounts of the Danish forces’ presence in the town of Gereshk in Helmand province.

– The reports I hear from local Afghans, are unambiguous: the soldiers have killed too many civilians. I have created wealth of interviews with locals. They all say unanimously that the foreign troops shoot civilians, „he

The killings, according to Nabieb Khaja, among other things resulted in the fact that Afghans have reacted with vindictiveness, among others with deliberate disinformation by the allies to follow.

Danish soldiers are no longer accepted

Nabieb Khaja was last in Afghanistan in October 2009 when he traveled around the provinces of Kandahar and Helmand. Unlike most foreign journalists did so without being „official” with foreign forces.

– During my last visit, I met not a single Afghan who cared about the foreign military presence in the country. All calls them the occupation forces and not think they can win the battle against the Taliban, he said.

Is the Taliban winning the war?

– I do not know. I can only see that nobody believes that foreign troops do, he says.

– But the situation differs radically from when I was in the country for the first time seven years ago. There I met many Afghans who were supportive of the troops who believed they could contribute to a developing country. But the situation has changed drastically.

– Now is the local fear of foreign soldiers, whom they accuse of abuse, unnecessary deaths and to prevent sick or pregnant to get past checkpoints. It has created a situation similar to the one in Palestine, he says.

Anxious soldiers use their weapons

Afghan resistance due according Nagieb Khaja that foreign soldiers first and foremost thinking in their own security.

– The Afghans say that many have been shot by military checkpoints, where they have come to do something that soldiers perceive as threatening. And it’s not urban legend, but concrete examples of people telling about, „he says.

– I have even tried, to be subjected to warning shots as I kept behind a column of military vehicles, because of misunderstandings. And one of my friends was hit in the back and heavily burned, as a soldier at a roadblock fired a signal gun. It happened when he was on his way to a funeral in Kandahar.

The stories that local Afghans told to Nabieb Khaja, inconsistent with the UN official statistics. According to the UN, about 70 percent of all civilian deaths attributed to the Taliban.

– I do not know what is the correct figure. But I can see that the Afghans’ view is that it is NATO, behind the most significant losses. Therefore, the local Afghans are afraid of the soldiers. They dare not be critical of foreign troops and talk to them by mouth. This makes it impossible for troops to come into a real dialogue with people, he says.

Danish forces allied with corrupt district leaders

But unlike the relationship between local population and foreign troops also have some regular political reasons, believe Nabieb Khaja.

– The foreign forces, including the Danish, is closely allied with local district leaders who are appointed by the Afghan government. District Managers are often very unpopular and has no local people’s confidence. Leaders do not know the local situation in depth, and they are often through corrupt, he says.

– When foreign troops cooperate with a corrupt regime without local roots, then infects the lack of trust also of them.

The foreign forces’ cooperation with corrupt district leaders is one of the things that many Afghans have the Taliban to emerge as a credible alternative.

– Although the itinerant Islamic courts often decide disputes in a rigid, orthodox way, many people find them anyway as relatively independent. They are perceived as a safeguard against lawlessness and corruption. We must here remember that the villages already live by Islamic rules and therefore do not experience the Taliban regime as totally alien, he says.

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