Interviul cu reporterul de la Jurnalul National realizat de DR

Daca cineva are impresia ca este o activitate jurnalistica , este naiv, dar in fine, aici este interviul pe care „jurnalistul” de la Jurnalul National l-a dat reporterului de la DR. De ce Danemarca si nu Italia, Spania, Germania , Austria ci Danemarca? Oare au fost asa de bine acoperiti incit serviciile de informatii si ambasada nu au stiut? Sau poate face parte dintr-un plan maret? Dai vina pe Tarzan si maimuta iti fura banana. O fi, n-o fi ….

DR: How was going undercover?
It was difficult. It was stressful – not to get into the role, but to continuously acting the role as „the young Romanian in Denmark”. At the same time I had to be very careful not to be uncovered while also gathering useful information for our investigation and getting it on tape.
DR: What were the Romanian criminals like?
Unlike me, they were very sure of themselves and confident about what they were doing. They knew exactly what they had to do, and they didn’t seem to mind the fact that at some point they could be charged for various crimes.
DR: Were you afraid, when you had to enter the apartment?
You know, every minute was so unpredictable. Anything could have happened; I didn’t know what the next moment could bring. That was also stressful. All the time I had this thing in mind: Avoid being uncovered! It could have happened if I would have said something inappropriate or if they were a little more suspicious or curious about me. What do I believe now, when I’m looking back at those days? I am sure that they never trusted me 100 %. They were often using „coded” language that they knew I couldn’t understand
DR: How was it sleeping in an apartment full of criminals – weren’t you afraid that the hidden camera would be discovered?
Fot both questions I have one answer. Most of the stress came from carrying the hidden cameras on me. All that equipment, I had not only to carry, but also make sure was working, that it was recording. To hide the equipment and my intentions, in such a small place as that apartment and with so many eyes on me, was quite hard for me, as it would have been for any other undercover journalist, I believe. At this point I must tell you, that I still remember a terrible moment: one evening, I was in the kitchen of the apartment, chatting with one of the guys. He started to stare at the camera, and for a couple of minutes I thought that he noticed the hidden camera on me. Slowly I moved towards the window, calculating how to jump out of the window (the apartment was on the first floor of the building – so only 3 meters to the ground) in case I was uncovered. Luckily, the guy was actually sleepy and tired and he was just gazing. But I know that my heart was frozen for a while.
DR: What was the biggest surprise for you during the investigation?
Biggest surprise was to find out that a Danish citizen – the guy who controlled the apartment – was perfectly aware of what is going on in the apartment and what these people were doing for a living. A lot of the time, Romanians – as all citizens from Eastern European countries – are accused by people from Western Europe that they are coming to Western Europe to commit various crimes. The truth is that many, many Romanians are working hard for a honest living in these countries and I know many cases where their rights were violated. The Romanians committing crimes are a minority.
DR: How was it working undercover in Denmark compared to how you normally work?
Investigative journalism is my regular work: Finding out things that others only read or see on TV. It is true that in my country it would be easier to „infiltrate”. But this experience was very different not only because I was working in your country, but also for doing it in a tough way: Being accepted in a very short time in this nest of law-breakers – suspicious if I wouldn’t act like they were acting, avoiding to get into troubles and being careful to get everything on videotape.

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